Coyotes Hunting

coyoteCoyotes use both their nose and eyes to hunt. The cottontail is the coyote’s main meal and they eat more fruit than other canines. You can use either a .222 center fire or a .22 bolt action varmint gun for these animals.

The canine is so sharp eyed he can spot the slightest movement from a great distance and will change direction at the slightest hint of change in his territory. Also they are vocal, often responding to a family member.


Ruffed Grouse

rgrouseAt no time is the hunting better than from the close of deer season to the end of partridge season, February 29, 1996. With fewer people, less leaves on the trees, the homebody birds occupying smaller territories they are easier to find, see and bag.

The RUFFED GROUSE, a 17 to 20 inch bird with 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 blunt tail weighs about 1/4 pound dressed out. GROUSE hinting is challenging, frustrating but always exciting. Upon being flushed a 100 to 150 yard flight is normal. Should you miss your first shot you may have a chance again by following the bird.