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There’s nothing like the hint of autumn air to get your heart pumping in excitement for hunting season. Whether you are getting geared up for a trek through the mountains or prepping your boat for the water, don’t forget to pack your dog’s necessities, too. Here are a few suggestions of what you need to bring to ensure you and your furry friend have a safe, successful and enjoyable hunt.

Sturdy Collars and Leashes

Each state has different regulations about bringing your dog on a hunt. These restrictions usually depend on the season and the type of prey you’re seeking. Sometimes you need to keep your pooch on a durable collar and leash to prevent them from wandering away from your party. Packing leads in different lengths allows you to adjust to the terrain and keep your pup nearby.

However, there are some occasions when dogs are not only allowed off their leash, but they may be critical to a successful hunt. At times like these, it can be challenging to keep your pup in sight. To make it easy to track them, you can put bells on their collar or use devices such as Garmin dog collars that use technology to track your canine’s movements through a specialized app.

Safety Vests

One of the most common safety concerns of hunting is making you and your dog visible to other hunters. Not only do you want to outfit yourself in a bright orange vest, but use one for your pet, too. These vests make it much easier for other hunters to realize the movement behind a far-off bush is your canine and not a target. Many of these devices are also equipped with reflective tape to see your dog in the dim hours of dusk or dawn, and they also help protect against bugs.

If you are going to be out on the water, a better option is to equip your hound with a camouflage life vest. They come in different sizes and ensure that your pup floats in a water emergency. Knowing your best friend is safe makes your hunt more enjoyable.

Canine First Aid Kit

Another essential tool to keep on hand is a first aid kit for dogs. Hiking through rocky and rugged terrain can cause damage to your pup’s feet, and injuries from animal bites are a concern. While you may have a supply of bandages and medication for yourself, your puppy has different needs. Look for a medical kit with thick pads that you can use to bandage their feet, medication in doses for their size, and antiseptic to clean wounds without stinging. Many pet first aid kits have buckles that allow you to attach them to your pack for quick access in an emergency.

Water and Food Bowls

A day full of hiking and tracking animals can make anyone hungry and thirsty, especially your pup. While you may have a supply of water tucked in your hunting pack, ensure you bring extra for your hound. It’s also necessary to pack a collapsable bowl to make it easy for them to get enough to drink and eat. Keeping them fed and hydrated allows them to perform at their best.

When you’re ready to load up for your next hunting trip, don’t forget to bring along these canine essentials. Having the right gear means you and your dog are good to go.

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