Ruffed Grouse Hunting – The Outdoor Women

rgrouseAt no time is the hunting better than from the close of deer season to the end of partridge season, February 29, 1996. With fewer people, less leaves on the trees, the homebody birds occupying smaller territories they are easier to find, see and bag.

The RUFFED GROUSE, a 17 to 20 inch bird with 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 blunt tail weighs about 1/4 pound dressed out. GROUSE hinting is challenging, frustrating but always exciting. Upon being flushed a 100 to 150 yard flight is normal. Should you miss your first shot you may have a chance again by following the bird.

Wintertime GROUSE prefer stands of pine, aspen or maple saplings for safety. Also they like grape and blueberry thickets. GROUSE drink twice a day, after each meal, morning and evening and edge oiented so loook for forest roads and small woods openings.

The gun for you is one you are most comfortable using. Fred like a 20 gauge withh #6 or #7 1/2 high brass factory shell with a 1/2 ounce load. This is sufficient fire power for GROUSE hunting.

Robert Bateman says, “The RUFFED GROUSE is one of the best known birds in North America. It is well loved by sportsmen and naturalists. Yhe deep drumming in the spring, the whirr of his wings in the fall strikes a responsive call to all who love the outdoors. The male is built for display. His tail can be straight as a stick or fan fuller than a semi- circle. His neck ruff can lay flat or spread wide in a black circle.”

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