Iron-wood preserve – The Outdoor Women

iron woodWe are not into the number of shooters but into Quality Southern Style Quail Hunts. We reserve our entire 4000 sq.ft.lodge for each group of a minimum of 4 hunters to a maximum of 5 and their guests. Less than 4 hunters may come, however, the cost will be based on 4 hunters. Guests and extra hunters that wish to go to field would have to ride Tennessee Walking horses along with the mule wagon.

If the hunt party chooses they may hunt from horses instead of the mule wagon. We release the best fliers that money can buy and have an excellent wild bird population. One price covers all lodging, food, drinks, sporting clay, caps, licenses and birds. You bring your gun and shells and enjoy the finest hunt you can find anywhere.

We only book 50 commercial hunts a season which we don’t start until November and conclude in early March. This is due to October and March thru April being too hot to put on a first class hunt. For those guests who hunt 5 days or more you will be invited back for a spring gobbler hunt as a guest of Iron-Wood. (No commercial turkey hunts.) If you are looking for a cheap price do not call. This is not a cheap hunt.

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