South Dakota’s Finest Bird Hunting – The Outdoor Women

bird hunting dukatoHunting at Forester Ranches, located in south central South Dakota, will be a sporting experience you will always remember. We provide our hunters with the best all around bird hunting to be found anywhere. Our most popular game bird is the Ring-necked Pheasant and more hunters come to our area for this wily bird than any other. Along with pheasant, Forester Ranches offers the finest Prairie Chicken hunting in North America.

We consider the Prairie Chicken a “trophy” bird. It can be hunted in only three states, so when you bag a “chicken,” you become one of the few to do so in modern times. Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Bobwhite Quail, Mourning Dove, and Merriam Wild Turkey round out the upland birds available to our guests. Our waterfowl hunting is superb with Canada Geese and Mallards our most abundant fowl.

Forester Ranches’ mixed bag bird hunting cannot be matched in North America for the variety of game birds available on a single hunt. Our limits are liberal with a total bag of over 30 birds per day, per hunter, being possible.

Forester Ranches does not combine hunting groups. You will be hunting with your party only. At the Forester Ranches, we do not book in large numbers of hunters. We opt to provide the discriminating sportsman with high quality hunting on a very personalized small party basis. Since we started our hunting business 28 years ago on the family ranches, we have found this to be a winning combination and we enjoy a high percentage repeat business. If our lodge is booked for a particular time period, we have an alternative package of utilizing the motels and restaurants in Chamberlain.

We own our ranches and manage them for optimum wildlife populations. Most hunting clubs and guides only lease their hunting areas yearly and therefore cannot control and sustain high numbers of birds on an ongoing basis as we at Forester Ranches are able to.

Our ranch holdings include deeded land in several counties and on three different Indian Reservations. By utilizing Native American seasons we are able to provide hunting from the 1st of September through January most years.

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