Coyotes Hunting – The Outdoor Women

coyoteCoyotes use both their nose and eyes to hunt. The cottontail is the coyote’s main meal and they eat more fruit than other canines. You can use either a .222 center fire or a .22 bolt action varmint gun for these animals.

The canine is so sharp eyed he can spot the slightest movement from a great distance and will change direction at the slightest hint of change in his territory. Also they are vocal, often responding to a family member.

No other animal in America lengthened its range despite man’s intervention: or because of it. With the loss of the large predators like the cougar the need for a big game predator became obvious to coyote. They will take advantage of the old, weak, and sick deer. The population of the coyote is controlled by the food and habitat available and can survive close to man.

One place that is always productive is on higher ground. The coyote will always try to stay on higher ground so he can see his enemies and prey. Usually from a distance he can be spotted loping along his hunting route that if not bothered doesn’t change.

Check your Hunting and Trapping guide for the coyote hunting dates. Also check the fur bearer section for pelt tagging requirements.

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