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The great new way to fish Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

big fishThe Rain Goddess is a relatively new, custom-made 65-ft. air-conditioned houseboat that features six staterooms, regal dining room, rec room and all the-comforts one could reasonably expect. The Rain Goddess is a mother ship which provides the accom- modations and meals, while the anglers fish from two types of skiffs.

This relatively new fishing trip is offered along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Costa Rica attracts many anglers because of its lofty tarpon and snook fishing reputation. Most importantly, the Rain Goddess can fish the Nicaraguan waters, which at times can be very potent, not only for tarpon and snook but also for indigenous species such as guapote, mojarra, etc.

What are some of the advantages of the Rain Goddess?
(l) Extending the fishing day. Since the Rain Goddess is close by you can fish a longer day. (2) Privacy and exclusivity. Because of its limited capacity, parties of six to ten can book the boat exclusively. This is great for family, friends and especially impressive for business entertainment. (3) Fish waters where no camps exist. This is particularly true for the Nicaraguan waters.

The Rain Goddess is under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Lopez, president of the company, who has been in the travel and tour business in Costa Rica for over 23 years. He earned his way through medical school in Costa Rica working as a tour guide. As a doctor, he dedicated much of his time to fishing and taking care of those less fortunate in the jungles. He has superb relations in both countries.

The Rain Goddess is powered by twin 135 engines.
The craft has two power plants (Westerbeak 12.5 Kw and a Quick Silver 10 Kw) and a three-ton air conditioner which is welcomed when the temp soars at mid-day. (Usually, anglers come on board at noon, for lunch and a siesta).


The staff and guides have been carefully selected to insure personal service and expertise. The chef, one of the best in Costa Rica if not in Central America, will provide delicious, well balanced meals that will surely be one of the highlights of the trip. The dining room is spacious and elegantly appointed; wines are served at dinner; and, there is an open bar, lounging area…the works. If you prefer to dine casually, there is an open-air barbecue on the upper deck. The interiors are fully carpeted and beautifully panelled from rare local woods and include elegant handcrafted furnishings. There is television, VCR and cellular phone service to the outside world.

Many anglers are very familiar with the tarpon and snook fishing along the Caribbean at Parismina, Tortuguero and Rio Colorado. Today it is important to have access to the Caribbean for top-notch tarpon fishing. The Rain Goddess has recently purchased larger custom boats (23-ft.) with 75 hp motors that are able to fish in the Caribbean in comfort and safety when the sea is fairly calm. The Rain Goddess also has the smaller jon boats that are ideal for fishing the lagoons and inside waterways not only for tarpon and snook but also for machaca, guapote and mojarra.

dinnerThe waters of Nicaragua are untapped and offer a challenge. There are many places that have hardly been fished. Most tarpon are going to weigh from 45 to 75 pounds, but plenty of tarpon of over 100 pounds are caught each year. But one of the great experiences for the light tackle fisherman or fly rodder is to fish the clear water lagoons in Nicaragua or the rivers for guapote, machaca, and mojarra (similar to our largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and sunfish).

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