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Bolton_LakeBolton Lake Lodge & Outposts are fly-in fishing camps located 310 miles north of Winnipeg where “world class” fishing waters run endless with trophy fish. Bolton Lake offers countless fish-holding structures with channels up to 150-feet deep, rugged shorelines, deep holes, reefs, quiet bays,and fast moving rapids. Three rivers enter Bolton Lake from the south and one drains the waters to the north, the ideal environment for Grand Slam fishing. You can find the following species at Bolton: Northern pike (5-35 lbs.), walleyes (3-10 lbs.),lake trout (8-40 lbs.), and whitefish (2-7 lbs.) If fly fishing is your favorite method, Bolton Lake offers ideal fishing for northern pike: you can often catch pike of all sizes, including trophies, right on the surface! Leave it to your imagination as to what you’ll experience at Bolton Lake.

ACCOMMODATIONS: You can relax with all of the comforts of home in knotty pine cabins and main lodge. You’ll enjoy hot showers, electricity, modern plumbing, electric heat and your own private refrigerator. Join your fellow anglers in the lodge and swap fish stories, play cards or enjoy a drink in the lounge. The tackle shop is equipped with all of the up-to-date fishing supplies you’ll need. BLL has a radio telephone service.

MEALS: Bolton’s staff delivers freshly-brewed coffee to your cabin at 6:30 AM for a friendly wake-up call. Then, partake in a delicious hearty breakfast. At noon your guide will provide a spectacular traditional shorelunch. Enjoy fresh pan-fried fish, potatoes and baked beans. After a great day of fishing Bolton offers a complete buffet-style dinner that can consist of roast beef, barbecue New York strip steaks, baked ham, cornish game hens and ribs and all the trimmings.

BOATS, MOTORS & GUIDES: BLL provides 16-foot aluminum, carpeted boats, 20-hp motors, padded swivel seats and back rests. Our Manitoba certified guides are familiar with most of the 225 square miles of Bolton Lake and are knowledgeable anglers.

BOLTON LAKE LODGE OUTPOSTS For those who prefer the seclusion of the untamed Canadian wilderness, consider BLL’s Outpost camps on Joint Lake and Kitchi Lake. Each camp sleeps six and is equipped with a propane stove, electric fridge and power generated lights. All of the little details have been thought of … so don’t worry about utensils, landing nets, seat cushions, mattress covers and pillows. At the outposts, radio telephones provide communication with the main lodge in case of an emergency. New outpost for ’96: Swan Lake. Ask for details.

Bolton Lake cookingCATCH & RELEASE POLICY: In order to maintain our top quality fishing for today and tomorrow, Bolton requires that all trophy fish be released.

WHEN IS FISHING THE BEST? May and June: Post spawn walleye and northern pike very plentiful, beginning to feed heavily. Trout are up. Most trophies landed and biggest numbers of fish taken. July-August: Fish are more dispersed, fishing is very steady, bigger trophies begin appearing. Trout are deeper, but no problem with downriggers. August – September: Late August and all of September are when the biggest trophies of all species are generally caught. Now you see really giant northerns, and the beauty of fall colors.

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