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giant rainbows and fast salmon fishing–almost at your doorstep!

western_alaska_bigcatchIn the clear Alaskan currents it’s easy to see the giant rainbows, their olive backs dark against the clean pebbled bottom. When a mouse (or more accurately,a lemming) imitation plops noisily next to the bank and begins its swing across the river’s surface, the trout crashes the large fly and you’re in for an incredible battle. Guests fishing with Dave Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sportfishing often concentrate on the many large rainbows with large mouse or other bulky patterns.

Egdorf’s tent camp operation is situated on the banks of the Nushagak, one of the most prolific watersheds in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. Being portable, they can easily relocate up or down the river, wherever the fishing is at its best.

Rainbow trout are one of the main draws in Alaska, with resident trout running three to five pounds throughout the summer season. Bigger trophies can be taken at any time, although the early weeks of the season and latter part of August usually feature the opportunity for an eight or ten pounder. Before the salmon start to fill the streams, these rainbows will actively feed on surface flies, showing a distinct preference for big mice imitations that they’ll smack with a resounding gusto. Once the salmon begin their fatal spawn, the focus will shift to sub surface flies and lures that imitate the millions of drifting eggs that fill the river and its many tributaries.

Like other Alaskan rivers, the Nushigak also hosts strong runs of five Pacific salmon. Egdorf runs two camps, one for rainbows in an upriver section, and a second for salmon, closer to the salt, where the fish are fresh from the ocean. Depending on dates, anglers will find at least one species of fresh salmon in the river throughout the summer.

In addition, anglers at both camps will have opportunities for an abundance of char, dolly varden, grayling, even lake trout and northern pike.

western-alaska-longfishExperienced guides in jet drive skiffs move anglers up and down the main river and its tributaries, covering lots of territory quickly and safely. Once a productive area is reached, guests typically wade the river, though at times, skiffs can be used as a fishing platform as well. A float plane is always stationed at the camp, for optional, fly-outs to other watersheds.

Guests are accommodated in spacious, double occupancy, heated tents, with wood floors and cots with firm mattresses in each. There’s a separate bath tent with hot showers. The large dining tent is a focal point during non fishing hours, serving hearty, home cooked meals and providing a center for after hours socializing.

Because the camp is right on the river, guests can literally walk right out their door and have good fishing at just about any hour of the day. And because the sun barely sets during much of the Alaskan summer, those who want to fish literally around the clock can easily do so at Western Alaskan Sportfishing.

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