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Excursión al aire libre de un día a la Sierra de Ayllón, con el objetivo de rodear la montaña conocida como Cebollera, Peña Cebollera, Cebollera vieja o pico de las Tres Provincias.
Although a departure from a day outdoors to practice hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc. [1] is not a far expedition exploration, and by definition are often developed near the city, why not be neglected some planning regarding equipment, kit and supplies to be carried for the trip. This is equally true if we organize the tour we are (in a particular group) or we will be guided by a professional guide in the context of a group gathered through an agency or multisport adventure activities.

The first is to consider the material, equipment or equipment necessary to maintain security (protection against inclement weather, means of guidance and prevention of accidents of the activity) and provide first aid (primary healing of the most common accidents or injuries pending medical intervention).

Remember is that accidents happen everywhere, and although there are less chances of occurrence lasts the less a march, and will be less severe in its consequences the closer is a place in which to receive medical help, rescue or proper disposal; the fact remains that the possibility of accidents is further reduced if we care to eliminate as many risks as in our power to do so, and avoid all that we can not eliminate.

Material and equipment to carry on day trips outdoors
Thus, not only will reduce the possibility of accidents, but we are going to avoid wasting resources on mobilizing search and rescue operations to sort ourselves little mishaps that had not been anticipated, may require outside help.

This is why you need to consider:

– Wear suitable clothing and footwear.
– Carry spare clothes.
– Take water.
– Carry a first aid kit at least the bare minimum.
– Carry a stick, cane or the like.
– Bring at least one mobile phone or satellite group.
– Always carry a map of the area and compass and / or GPS.

Following the above links we spread on these topics, see the need to comply with these recommendations and associated issues arising out of compliance, and to be cosiderar to reach fruition whenever possible.

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