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When most people think about Pennsylvania and lakes, they may think of Lake Erie. As one of the five Great Lakes, Erie is one of the largest in the world, and a portion of Pennsylvania borders it. Pennsylvania is also home to many smaller lakes that, while perhaps less famous than Erie, contribute to the picturesque landscape and potential for water sports such as boating. Here are some of the best lakes in Pennsylvania to check out on your next outdoor excursion.

1. Kinzua Lake

Like most Pennsylvania lakes, this is actually a manmade reservoir, but it is still a really great location for boating because of the six different launches. You can tow your own vessel to the lake after finding sufficient boat trailer parts Pennsylvania, or you can rent one once you get there. The scenic views of the lake and surrounding forest are stunning, especially in the fall.

2. Pymatuning Lake

This is one of the most popular lakes for boaters, anglers, and swimmers in the state. It is located within Pymatuning State Park, which is one of the most frequented in the state. However, the lake does not necessarily receive more visitors purely by default. There are three marines available for boating, as well as a water trail for canoers and kayakers and three public beaches open seasonally during the summer.

3. Lake Nockamixon

If you’re looking for a lake that places an emphasis on boating, check out Lake Nockamixon. Located in the state park that bears the same name, Lake Nockamixon does not allow swimming, so it is popular with fishers, picnickers, and windsurfers as well as boaters. Its eastern location among Buck County’s scenic hills doesn’t hurt either.

The glaciers that carved Pennsylvania’s Pocono and Allegheny Mountains also created 50 naturally occurring lakes. The rest of the 2,450 lakes statewide are manmade, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful or suitable for boating.

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