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Summer Time Adventures!

Instead of taking the family to the theme parks that are likely going to be packed full of other families that are all suffering from the heat, you should aim for an adventure that’s a little more unique. A vacation that offers something for everyone is the Lewis and Clark trail vacation. As its name might suggest, this adventure follows the path that the historic explorers Lewis and Clark followed through the Great Plains. All along the trail, you can find new and exciting activities to share with your loved one and kids.

Activities To Do

Just what might you discover on this historical trail? The vacation trail, itself, spans across the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. As such, it can be an expansive vacation that takes place over a period of a few days or even weeks, or it can be a simple weekend vacation. Regardless, you can make it as budget-friendly as you need.

While the site of Lewis and Clark vacation trail will give you specific details of activities to do in certain cities, this article will touch on a few of the exciting possibilities for your family. Throughout the trail, you’ll encounter numerous camping sites. So, whether you want to tent it up or bring your trailer or RV, you can keep on rolling as you trace the same trail that Lewis and Clark once tread. These camping sites offer delights in themselves with fun things to do like fishing, boating, hiking trails, and wildlife watching.

At the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, you’ll encounter a waterpark along with all of the other historic sites to visit. Your kids can delight in the waterslides and refreshingly cool water while you read up on the local history. Together, you and your family can share a thrilling and memorable family vacation across the historic Great Plains. It is a vacation unlike any other and sure to delight every member of your family.

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