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Edinburgh is a city where you can find a perfect blend of the old and new culture of Scotland. It boasts of a rich history, quaint villages, wine distilleries, galleries, museums, as well as intriguing ruins such as the Mary King Close. It is a UNESCO city begging and waiting to be explored. Aside from the breathtaking destinations you can find in Edinburgh, there are also Michelin star restaurants, comedy bars and shopping and entertainment centres that you shouldn’t miss visiting.

The list of the things you can do while in Edinburgh is endless. Whether you’re planning to go on a short or long trip, there are several types of vacation properties that you can choose from.


Hotels are probably the top choice of most travellers. If you plan to visit Scotland’s capital on your own and you have a tight budget, then we recommend staying in a hotel. You can find hundreds of hotels all around the city. In fact, some are located in the heart of the city. You have a selection between luxury, boutique and contemporary hotels and holiday inns. There are rooms for every budget, and you can easily book one through an online booking app.

Self-Catering Apartments

If you dream of staying in a place that combines comfort, privacy and luxury, then you ought to try self-catering apartments in Edinburgh. There are several types of apartments Edinburgh offers that can meet your demands. The best part about apartments is their expansive size. If you are visiting the city with your family, consider booking a flat in Edinburgh. Large flats can accommodate up to eight people.


Tired of the daily hustle and bustle of the city? Maybe you should book a cottage located minutes away from the city centre. You can find all shapes and sizes of cottages for rent in East Lothian, Lanarkshire, and South Queensferry. Most cottages offer a scenic view of nearby villages, simple but comfy rooms, and quiet surroundings. Small sized cottages can accommodate up to four guests, while medium to large-sized ones can fit at most 10 people.


Penthouses are perhaps the most luxurious type of property you can rent while visiting Edinburgh. There are also hotels that offer penthouses. Some of the most common amenities you can find in penthouses include a kitchen, spacious bedrooms, workspace, and a couch. Depending on the location, you can also enjoy looking at the city’s skyline at night.

The city is quite compact, so you can definitely access most of its accommodation, restaurants, bars, museums, comedy bars and other destinations by foot or by public transport. No matter what type of accommodation you end up with, you will surely enjoy visiting this quaint city.



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