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Please, Please, Please help me. I need all the information and or contacts any of you have regarding how to stop a power company from destroying wetland woods and building a high voltage transmission line across the middle of a 5 acre lake surrounded by wetland woods on the 150 acres that me and my husband Dennis own in Hardin County Kentucky. The very same wetland area where #7 Whooping Crane visited for 2 days this spring! (If you don’t know about Whooping Cranes visit these web sites: and There are only about 200 in the wild today. I also have hundreds of Sandhill Cranes in the spring and always ducks and geese, deer and turkeys. This area drains 400 acres into our lake and I fear the chemicals used to kill the vegetation in the right of way will cause a major fish kill of the bluegill, bass and catfish that the state of KY stocked the pond with.

This power line going directly through our lake will be so destructive to the birds! There are thousands and thousands of birds killed everyday by flying into power lines and to have one splitting our lake through the middle where thousands of birds fly is just cruel and totally irresponsible with no respect of wildlife and habitat what so ever, but I know this is power for the course for Electric Power Companies. It seems they see a wide open space with no houses and say “This is where we need a power line.” The whole United States is cut up with power lines and enough is enough. It has to be stopped and the sooner the better! I still believe one person can make a difference, however we all need to band together in this fight for the wildlife and habitat and the violating of peoples personal property by those with no conscious when they enact eminent domain. This is wrong, wrong, wrong! I QUESTION IS IT NEED OR GREED? I invite you to personally view this area and see for yourselves just how vitally important it is. We are possibly willing to put it in some type of trust if that will ensure that it will be preserved for future generations. Please find it in your hearts to take this challenge on.

My neighbor who borders our property had the State Conservation people out and they certified that his property was a natural wetland woods which is extremely rare in this part of Kentucky. He has some extremely large very old oak trees in their path of destruction. They intend on going directly through his wetland woods, across our five acre lake, through our wetland woods and across our other neighbor’s wetland woods not to mention all of the farm ground. This power line is to start at the Mill Creek Plant near Louisville, KY and go through Fort Knox, KY all the way to the substation in Elizabethtown, KY a total of 44 miles! Just think of all of the destruction to people’s personal property, wildlife, habitat and wetlands this will cause. EVERYONE NEEDS TO QUESTION IS IT NEED OR GREED?

E-ON is a Power Company from Germany that owns Kentucky Utilities/Louisville Gas & Electric Energy. They are in the business of selling electrical energy to other utilities. They are trying to disguise themselves as our local utilities. They sent out letters to the landowners on KU letterhead informing us that they are seeking approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to build this 345,000 volt electric transmission line. They try to make the landowners believe it is for the good of the customers and needed to meet future demands when in reality it is in the best interest of E-ON. The only thing they are interested in is producing more energy to sell and the transmission lines to sell it through. (Do your research) It is rumored that E-ON intends to sell KU/LG&E as soon as the line gets built. If they do sell KU/LGE the transmission line does not go with KU/LGE it will stay with E-ON where they will continue to sell energy to other utilities. Visit web site for the limited amount of information they give the public. We have to convince the Kentucky Public Service Commission to deny this request or at the very least make them use existing transmission lines that are already so very numerous in the area.

Please send me contacts/information ASAP! I know you all value what little natural wooded wetlands and the farm land we have left so please help me protect our areas in this precious state of Kentucky. Please have anyone you can think of to contact me at the following.

Cathy Cunningham
CDH Preserve, LLC
2530 N Hwy 11 SE
Elizabeth, IN 47117


I will personally contact as many associations, and organizations that I am affiliated with to aid in your quest for the wetland preservation. I too am appalled at the tactics that major corporations use to intimidate homeowners, conservationist, or anyone else who wish to preserve our country. Good luck to you and your family, and one day I hope to visit your wonderful land. For more information on the endangered Whooping Crane visit:

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