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Trends in contemporary jewelry design are no secret that jewelry design is largely influenced by scientific and technological progress, and in particular digital technologies. In connection with this modern jewelry embody the best features of all the styles that have been accumulated over centuries of jewelry.

Moreover, he has expanded considerably and range of applications of jewelry that can be used today in a fundamentally new kinds of different finishes. Important role in the progressive development of the jewelry is played by various international seminars, which are held annually in the cultural centers of Europe and the countries of the former CIS. Such events allow us not only to exchange new ideas and technologies, but also to identify the main trends in jewelry. So, what is allowed today to talk about a fundamentally new approach to the design of jewelry, what are the main trends in the development of design in this direction?

First, most experts in the art of jewelry inclined to say that the main trend of modern jewelry design is the “lightness” or visual lightness jewelry. This effect is achieved by increasing the voids and spaces between the individual elements of jewelry. Aesthetic and sensitive use of this method affords only very experienced craftsmen.

Secondly, the modern technology of processing of precious metals opened up vast horizons true colors. It can be confirmed and a wide range of colors of gold. Today it is no surprise either black or white with gold, but beyond that there is also expands the color gamut of other metals.

Thirdly, one of the main themes of modern jewelry design is symbolism. Practically most of the best samples contain symbolic elements or characters that carry a meaning (for example, prestigious European dance school alumni awards jewelry in the form of a glass slipper). Fourth, not least feature of modern jewelry is the element of motion, which is expressed in their particular creative constructivism.

Modern trends in jewelry design

Even inexperienced in the art of jewelry everyman easily notice that the design of modern jewelry made of precious metals has incorporated not only the experience of the past masters, but also has a fairly promising modern trends. Gold Plated Monogram Necklaces could be the best choice for its best design.

However, as before, is currently among the most relevant features in modern jewelry design in the first place is the exclusive jewelry, its originality, which is expressed in terms of individual professional jewelers … Large jewelry volumetric forms today are quite popular.

This is a long and cumbersome for chains with buttresses decorated with inlays of precious or semi-precious stones, bracelets with charms in the form of a set of children’s toys, or nautical theme. Chain suspension or pendants, as a rule, should have an asymmetric shape or movable structure.

Especially popular are jewelry with moving parts or inserts. Era of postmodernism to engulf almost all aspects of human life is reflected in the design of jewelry. This is not only a compilation of opposite and paradoxical elements from different cultural epochs, but also quite promising modern design solutions that can be implemented in the form of elements of street graffiti, stencil images or pop art in the spirit of Andy Warhol.

At the same time, do not lose relevance decorations in retro style, with the only difference that modern jewelers and try to reinterpret the different styles of the past.

For example, diamond rings in white gold are carried out in a massive Victorian style of Louis XIV. Flat plates wristband decorated with vintage ornaments or inlays of semiprecious stones in the style of “art deco.”

We can say that the colors of the most fashionable jewelry – it’s pastel colors. The main trend in fashion jewelry – minimalism combined with a creative design solution. The simplicity, glamour and modest but expensive.

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