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Eating clean, exercising day in, day out, always looking for a performance boost – that’s what every lady out there has to aim at. If you are passionate about your gym progress, you can make it. You know, fitness is a funny thing because our bodies adapt over the time and we always have to strive for greatness one way or another. We have to find a way to step up our gym game. Because being stagnant means going back. So, let’s see what you could do to help yourself and aid your fitness progress.

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Are you up for a cup of coffee?

Do you sometimes feel drained even before you start exercising? You simply cannot find that important bit of energy to start things off on a positive note? Well, hopefully, you like coffee because this one’s really helpful. Have a cup of coffee before your workout! Yes, you read that correctly. The caffeine in a pre-workout cup of coffee will stimulate your central nervous system. That way you’ll have an additional kick of energy for the workout. On top of that, various studies show that a cup of coffee before a workout can make you enjoy the workout more! So, sip it half an hour before you start sweating. It will kick in and you’ll be good to go.

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Quality gym wear

Let’s be clear, you cannot just show up in whatever clothes you’ve found in your closet and expect a great workout. And that’s not so stylish. Fitness pros are well aware of the fact that every percent matters. Therefore, you cannot step up your fitness game without stepping up your apparel game. Invest in good tights that won’t constrict your legs, find a breathable top and good workout shoes. Finding good gym wear is something that may take patience and time, but it’s not hard. Well, at least not if you know where to look. Quality gym wear at Ryderwear and companies similar to the one mentioned just now show that you can help yourself aid the performance by investing in the right clothes. Never opt for cheap knock-offs. You won’t feel comfortable and you could also get injured.

Come with a plan

First of all, know that you won’t make anything happen by just showing up at the gym unprepared. You have to develop a good workout plan. Know what you’ll be doing each day and devote some time to recovery. However, considering the nature of our bodies, it is perfectly normal that our muscles adapt to certain exercises over the time. And that’s when you need to push harder. Find out new ways of targeting various muscle groups and push! If it feels easy, it’s not working. Always vary exercises and you’ll notice how your body reacts. If you’re not sore at all, something’s not working and it’s most likely your workout regimen. Bear that in mind. You have to push harder as the time goes by.

Use your phone correctly

Okay, there is no correct answer on how to use your phone. But, there is a suggestion on how to take it to your advantage during a workout. First of all, put it in airplane mode. Do not get distracted while working out. This tip is quite obvious and simple and yet so many gym goers ignore it. Scrolling through your Facebook feed is something you should never do in the gym during your workout. You’re only harming your own progress and wasting your time. Instead, put it in airplane mode and play some tunes. Create a music playlist that’ll get you motivated to work out. That way, your phone becomes a good and useful tool in the gym.

gym work

Try strength training

Ladies usually come to lose weight in the beginning. However, when you decide to stay, try strength training. Okay, the weight room isn’t quite attractive to you but you have to meet it to know if you’re interested. And there is so much to do there that could be beneficial to you. Strength training not only improves your physique, but it also does wonders to the bone density which is really important (fracture and osteoporosis prevention). With strength training, you get to strengthen your muscles and tone your body even more. If this is completely new to you, at least try it. You have to challenge yourself if you want impressive results.


Working out just to stay in shape is okay. Working out for weight loss is fine, too. But, wouldn’t you like to achieve something far greater while you’re there? These tips will surely help you. You have to do the rest.

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