3 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Firearm – The Outdoor Women

Current social unrest has caused more people to seek out ways to protect themselves and their families. For many, the answer is to purchase a firearm for self-defense. Before you go out and buy one, however, you should take a few things into consideration. 

1. Your Comfort in Handling a Firearm

Plenty of people make the decision to purchase a firearm without really knowing how to handle one properly. That can be a huge mistake. You will want to take a class or two and spend several hours at the range getting familiar with different types of handguns before choosing one for yourself. First time concealed carry gun owners have plenty of options to customize their new gun to make it comfortable and convenient for their personal use. 

2. Access to Safe Gun Storage

Safely storing a firearm can prevent a majority of accidents and injuries related to ownership. A lockable cabinet is often sufficient for a small firearm, however, you may want to invest in a safe that also offers protection against fire and theft. There are no federal laws regarding the safe storage or locking of firearms once they have been sold or transferred to a new owner. Instead, gun owners must know the local and state gun storage laws that apply in their area.  

3. Local Carry and Travel Restrictions

Do you know where and how a firearm can be carried in your state? If not, it is time to find them and learn what you need to do to legally comply with local regulations. If you are planning to travel to another state, you should always check reciprocal agreements to see if your license is valid in your destination and anywhere you may go in between. 

Owning a firearm is a constitutionally protected right of Americans. Choosing the right gun, ensuring it is used and stored safely and complying with legal requirements helps you preserve that right. 

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