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gps tracking systemGPS tracking systems can in principle media private or public wireless network can be realized. The ability to build their own private networks should, however, exist only in exceptional cases. It sets the availability of suitable radio equipment with appropriate operating permits requires the. While radio amateurs still in a relatively good situation here, it is likely most home users already difficult for the over reasonable distances even realizing wireless connections.

For certain applications, to bridge distances up to several kilometers, could be from a technical point of view but inexpensive devices available PMR446 good use, but unfortunately this service can not transfer data allowed! But there is some new information that can be hoped that everyone on the field data transmission over medium distances will soon be opening up new possibilities which Currently, however, remains the most users in general only the use of public networks. This includes all GSM and UMTS in the future, certainly. Due to the good network expansion in many countries around the world, it is clear this is a good basis for extensive transmission and GPS navigation data.

The system was designed to monitor in real time the position of fleet tracking. We do know the speed, the state and the location of the means recognized by the central system.

It is an integrated satellite system that enables you from headquarters to support all staff and to follow the goods during the entire journey. With this system you can then know at any moment, the position of the load and so calculate delivery time with a precise approximation. To implement the system GPS tracking devices are used and which are well available.

GPS technology uses very high profile such as:

  • satellite system GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • mobile communication system GSM and GPRS (Global System for Mobile communication)

It can send the location of vehicles via the GSM network. The data acquired by GPS will be sent to headquarters by ensuring transmission reliability and coverage on national and international. GPS is highly reliable and accurate, providing satellite signals through the vehicle’s exact location where you installed the receiver with a position error less than 1-2 meters.

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