Make Your Cabin in the Woods a Dream Come True – The Outdoor Women

The dream of a second home is something everyone thinks about from time to time. Whether that dream includes a rustic cabin in the woods, a small cottage on the lake, or an old farm house out in the country, there are steps you can take to make it a reality.

Saving Money

If you cannot afford your second home, it will be more of a nightmare then a dream come true. There are several ways to set aside some extra cash. Just like saving for a vacation, use coupons when shopping and put the savings aside. Budget a set amount out of every paycheck to go into your fund. Think about selling unwanted items too. You can even sell your RV you don’t use anymore through businesses like Cash for RVs. Before you know it, you’ll have that down payment.

The Right Location

There are many vacation homes on the market that will seem amazing, but stop and think about actually being there before you make a purchase. That lakeside cottage is adorable, but if you don’t enjoy water sports and fishing, it isn’t going to be much fun. Maybe you’re the outdoorsy, hunting type. A cabin deep in the woods would be perfect. Or perhaps you simply want a spot to get away to form time to time. Condos can be a wonderful vacation home.

Preparing a Vacation Home

Before you jump in to buying a second home, remember that it will take time and money to keep it up. You’ll need to stock the house with bedding, dishes, furniture, and other creature comforts. It may mean extra utility bills each month, and be ready to take on additional yard work and home repairs. Most people find the extra chores easy to handle if they start each vacationing season with a weekend devoted to sprucing the place up and stocking it for the coming months.

Following these few simple steps will get you into your dream of a second home sooner than you think. Once you save enough money, find the right location, and prepare the home for vacation, you will be able to sit back and relax while making memories with family and friends.

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