Deep sea fishing charters Gold coast – The Outdoor Women

sea-fishingThe  fishing charters Gold coast offers a diverse range of fishing, with plenty of great reef structure located only a few miles off Queensland south east coast.

A wide variety of surface swimming and bottom dwelling fish are available for the avid deep sea fisherman.
Pelagic species that are targeted include Marlin, Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi mahi and many more. These are targeted using techniques such as trolling lures or live baiting.

Bottom fish that are encountered include Snapper, Teraglin, monster Cobia, tusk fish, Jew fish and others. These species are caught using paternoster rigs on the local reefs.

There is a variety of fishing charter boats available to get you out to where the big fish reside. The bigger boats are a better option as they provide a more stable and safer platform to fish off.
Your charter crew will supply everything you need for your Gold coast fishing adventure, all rods, reels, bait and tackle is provided.

The captain should put you straight on the fish, the next part is getting them to take the bait. The crew will demonstrate how to bait up and use the equipment then it’s up to you to start pulling fish over the side.
At the end of the trip the guys will gill and gut your catch, bag it up and provide tips on how to prepare and cook it.

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