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private homes

There’s a new idea about out there these days, and it’s an innovation that is opening up new opportunities for travel as people in countries across the globe journey to the US and stay in private homes. allows people who love to experience the world to stay in private homes in the US cities they want to visit. By connecting with hosts who who list their home on this site, travelers can have an authentic American experience, while traveling on a budget that really works for them.

Be a Guest or Be a Host

The innovative system lets home owners and those living in apartments list their homes as places to stay. The site allows users who want to host to list their homes with photos and a description of their accommodations and the areas in which they are located. Accommodations can be listed at the price that’s right for a host. The host sets all their own house rules, so they can be comfortable with whoever comes to stay.

Both guests and hosts can rate their stay experience, and how the guest treated their home when they stayed over. This feature allows both parties to get a good feel for the honesty and the responsibility of the travel experience they will be booking.

The beauty of is that the site provides a win-win situation for travelers and for those who wish to host in their own home. Hosts receive extra income and travelers have a chance to travel on a budget while also getting a greater feel for the area they are visiting. Great friendships can be made, and great travel experiences are sure to happen.

Traveling to big cities like Chicago, New York or Baltimore is an exciting experience, but in today’s world it can be a daunting and expensive one. By using truly innovative sites like to book a trip, travelers can be assured of a great journey. All of the information needed to create a great travel experience is available, right at your fingertips. When you’re ready to book your next stay or set yourself up as a travel host, click here.

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