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Beautiful New Zealand offers travelers a wealth of gorgeous experiences. Along with these wonderful experiences, however, can come high travel costs, so those considering a trip to this beautiful country should take care to plan carefully in order to avoid high expenses.

How can outrageous and unexpected costs be avoided? Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice for New Zealand tourists, from the blog:

1. Research hotels and other accommodations in advance, using group booking sites. This will save you a lot if you plan ahead.

2. Rent a car for part of your New Zealand Travels. The great attraction of New Zealand is the countryside, which can best be experienced by car. Cars can be hired from sites that access car rental Auckland airport. Again, it’s wise to do research on costs in advance.

3. Plan to visit during the “off” seasons. Mid-January to March are “summertime” in New Zealand, and campsites and other attractions will be less crowded then. Also try to avoid visiting during school holidays. It’s a good idea to research dates on this in advance.

4. Know that wifi services in NZ are expensive and not very reliable. However, there are some deals out there, as Wifi is free at cafes like McDonald’s.

5. Investigate house sitting opportunities. This is a great way to save a lot of money and be part of a Kiwi community.

6. Create your own meals by shopping and doing your own meal preparation.

7. Book flights well in advance.

8. If you want to pay for a few major “experiences” in New Zealand, like bungee jumping, choose carefully and limit yourself. These can be fun times but they are also pricey.

9. Stock up on necessities like toiletries, clothes and camping equipment in advance, as these items are much cheaper in the US.

10. Be open to “couchsurfing” with locals in the area. The people of NZ are friendly and are open to welcoming visitors for a night or two.

A trip to New Zealand is one filled with incredible scenery, amazing experiences and meetings with friendly, welcoming people. The key is to plan carefully so that those great times don’t end up costing more than the budget allows. Happy travels!

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