What Makes a Motel Great? – The Outdoor Women

motelThe vast majority of people will need to stay in a hotel at some point. You might be on vacation or making a business trip and you need a place to stay. Whatever the case may be, choosing the right motel to stay at can often determine whether or not your trip was enjoyable. The amount of motels is absolutely staggering. Educating yourself about the various aspects of motels will enable you to find a place to stay during your trip that gives you a bigger bang for your buck. Here are a few of the things that all of the great motels have in common.

1. A discount for booking very far in advance

Motels love it when people make their reservations several months in advance. In fact, motels try to encourage this by offering major discounts to people who book their rooms very far in advance. The amount of the discount will often depend on the amount of time in advance that the reservation is made. Call around to various motels and see which ones offer the largest discounts for booking your room in advance.

2. Free Internet access

Do you need to pay extra for Internet access? This should be one of the first questions that you ask a motel before you make a reservation. Many people have been disappointed by showing up at a motel and finding out they will be charged for using the Internet when they assumed it would be complimentary. Do not make this same mistake. Always check to see if the motel charges an Internet fee.

3. Easily accessible

You might need to find a motel Bend Oregon. If this is the case, you want the motel that you stay at to be as close to this location as possible. The great motels are always located in convenient areas that make them very easy to get to from the place you will be visiting.

4. Breakfast buffet

There are some motels that will include a breakfast buffet with the price of a room. This is a nice option that allows the guests to have something to eat in the morning without actually having to leave the motel and go to the nearest fast food restaurant for breakfast. A breakfast buffet can make your stay in the motel a little more enjoyable and save you the time of getting a meal on your own.

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