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urinary infections

If you are traveling in an area with little medical infrastructure, it might be useful to take treatments provided prescribed by your doctor for two common diseases in women. This is the simple urinary tract infection and yeast infection. Many factors contribute to urinary tract infections: dehydration, an increase in sex, decreased hygiene (lack of toilet paper for example) and some conditions causing a decline in immunity.

The symptoms are a frequent need to urinate and burning during urination. In general there is no fever. To prevent them, be sure to drink lots of water, empty your bladder regularly, urinate after sex, wear cotton underwear and loose clothing, take you with toilet paper and wipe from front to the back. The other common condition, the yeast infection, often occurs when taking antibiotics, pregnancy or hormonal contraception, and hot and humid climate. It is manifested by itching or vaginal burning and loss whitish. Wearing cotton underwear and loose clothing is recommended. If you have a fever, abdominal pain, blood in the urine, malodorous or bloody, or you have had sex with a new partner, think about the possibility of more serious conditions and quickly see a doctor.

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