3 pleasant to discover destinations in autumn – The Outdoor Women


Antigua and Barbuda, a multifaceted destination

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the favorite destinations of the French for the autumn holidays. The promise of this destination? More than 300 365 white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, colorful underwater funds … If you enjoy lazing under a mild sun, you will be completely satisfied, and autumn is the perfect season. You are a big fan of nature? Let’s go for a hike on the eastern coast of Antigua and Bird Island. To spice up your getaway, you can explore the lagoon kayak and explore a huge mangrove forest. Finally, for a cultural holiday, do not miss the old British forts and go to St. John’s, the capital.


Morocco, a prime destination for a stay in autumn

Here is another popular destination for French. In autumn, the majority of Moroccan regions offers a pleasant climate. Rain is rare before the middle of November. In the Middle Atlas, the evenings are rather cool while on the Atlantic coast, you can enjoy the mild climate to indulge in beach activities. Do not miss the city of Marrakech and its monuments, gardens and riads. In the heart of the medina, enjoy fine local crafts and just enjoy local dishes on the famous Jemaa el Fna.


Dominican Republic: paradise, or almost!

Enjoying a tropical climate, the Dominican Republic is pleasant to discover autumn. To enjoy the sun, sea and beach, go to Punta Cana, the most famous resort in the country. The opportunity is ideal for diving and exploring the coral reefs of the region. Party lovers will also find an exceptional animation, especially in the evening.

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