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And safari in Tanzania

January and February: the short dry season

During these two months, the weather is generally dry and hot, with sometimes significant because of adverse climatic crowds, El Niño and La Nina rainfall. In the dry season, then you will witness a significant migration of animals to major water points. The birds have a preference for Lake Manyara. Southern Serengeti Park and north of Ngorongoro are many sites where wildlife has an unusual show.

From March to April the long rainy season

This time of year is characterized by poor roads. The intrepid will move preferably 4 x 4 chassis will however short the opportunity to attend the birth of zebras, gazelles and wildebeests. A safari through the park Tarangarie allows you to be at the forefront. Later in the season, the animals are preparing for a new migration that is gaining importance in the month of July. Flora also changes the face delivering show very appreciable. You will see the scenery pass brown or beige with green hues.

And safari in Tanzania what is the ideal time1

July to September: the long dry season

The great migration continues during this period with particularly soft and cool temperatures. Animals depart Serengeti, Lobo and Grumeti to join the Maasai Mara in Kenya. During these months, your chances of find yourself facing a herd of elephants, a pack of hyenas or a group of antelope are much more important.

And safari in Tanzania what is the ideal time

From October to December: the short rains

After spending a few weeks in Masai Mara, the animals leave to Tanzania. Your safari will then allow you to see the Serengeti people gradually. Nature combines to give you an incomparable landscape: pleasant temperatures, beautiful light and thousands of birds that arise around the many lakes that make up the Rift Valley.

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