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Amsterdam advice The coolest insider tips
Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and the most exciting cities in Europe – and because the Dutch city is also easily reached from Germany, it is a great destination for a city break. As you experience Amsterdam from the most rustic and simultaneously coolest site, we will tell you here. Of the Directions to Bar-kept secrets, with our insider tips you are guaranteed always to the right place.

Check in Amsterdam

Very cheap travel you can look over Simple, if someone moves in the direction in which you have or even a search display ad. Who just want to travel without solid plan, where, who can also just be inspired and go to some of the places that are being offered.

Important: ride only with people who appear a sympathetic and your known contact details and car registration give. When you feel alone not sure you travel best with a friend or with someone makes from time to which he or she logs on to the control.

When the watch Deutsche Bahn to do – if you, times with the dates and objectives is somewhat flexible, you can really make this bargain!

Amsterdam advice The coolest insider tips

Amsterdam Airport

Those arriving from Germany, does not fly, but can of course take the train. This is usually cheaper and above all environmentally friendly. A good opportunity to look at Amsterdam times closer, but as a long-distance flight over the airport Amsterdam to book and then a few days in the city dranzuhangen – worth guaranteed! The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the major hubs in Europe, sometimes there are real bargains from there. And back and forth to get to Amsterdam airport then also fine with train, carpool or remote bus.

Weather Amsterdam

Since Amsterdam is located near the sea, which can weather change quickly. Therefore, it is recommended even in summer a wind or rain jacket pack. Basically, the climate is rather mild and the weather in Amsterdam as in Germany. But freezing temperatures in the winter are just as possible as summer days with temperatures above 30 degrees.

Consider When planning your trip, what is at the resort so wrong : In the summer there in almost all European cities interesting events: street, city or harbor festivals, sports events or concerts – so gets her party atmosphere without having to pay an entrance fee must and delicious food at favorable conditions there is usually also.

Amsterdam advice: The coolest insider tips

Camping Amsterdam

If you like to forego the convenience of a hotel or hostel, then maybe camping in Amsterdam a good way. Because in the city there are the same more centrally located campsites, where you can stay cheaply in your own tent.

However: Camping is also in Amsterdam matter of taste, who does not like sleeping in a tent, will not have fun at the campsite.

Another cheap way to stay is Couch Surfing. How can the property very well connect to it in a strange city to get to know people as quickly as possible. There are also a large number of residential exchanges, where individuals rent their rooms for a limited period of time – often with a family connection. In addition, hostels and apartments are often cheaper than hotels.

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