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A 4000 square foot magic garden, a luxurious dragon-suite and a ballet room for training: In Barbian Family House is defined family holiday in Germany in a special way. This small luxury resort is – how appropriate – found on Sylt.

At the edge of the beautiful artist’s village Westerland on Sylt, near the romantic Benen-Diken-yard and riding Grunhof, lies with the Barbian Family House one of the most luxurious addresses in Germany for a holiday with baby and toddler.

Barbian Family House: thatched cottage with seven family suites

In a large brick house with a thatched roof, the mandatory seven themed suites of the hotel are housed. They are called elves, dragon, fairy or goblin-suite and are 33-57 square meters. Instead – as their names imply – to be set up playful or extremely cheesy, the style is more likely attributable to the modern country style look, only discreet wall decorations and the presence of some suitable toys engage the topic name visually.


Sink on children height and mini bathrobes

Particularly luxurious is the 54-square-foot dragon suite that spans the first and second floor of the thatched house. Kitchenette In addition, a parent and a children’s bedroom, large bathroom with tub, shower the Dragon suite has its own bio sauna, a fireplace, a terrace in the garden with private beach basket features.

What the room clearly different from a hotel suite, is that a changing table, a second wash basin in child height and extra small bathrobes and slippers are provided. The small baby and children’s beds are covered with fine linens for bellybutton and catimini in blue or pink. Baby bath, baby monitor and Nursing Pillows are provided on request. How useful these features are, it is noticeable only when they missed when holidaying with a toddler in a “normal” luxury hotel.

Sylt vacation with babies and toddlers in Barbian Family House

Babies from four months and children up to years are cared for in Barbian Family House by educators up to 40 hours per week. For older children, the hotel is overall less good. At the Kids and Baby Lounge can be played in bad weather, weather it attracts all the 4000-square-foot magic garden with beach chairs, play castle and a large swimming pool, which requires no chemical additives.

Again and again, one can discover small and large statues in the form of goblins and animals. In the ballet room teaching may be continued from home at the bar – so the Grand-plie may be perfected even on vacation.


Playing in the magic garden, wellness for parents

Despite their own kitchens in the suites, is always in the room rate includes a buffet breakfast, weather can be fed on the terrace in the large garden. The children’s buffet features an extra low table height, so that some kids can easily serve themselves. The Childcare in Barbian Family House Included, drinks, fruit and a lunch menu for the little ones as well.

Parents can make a trip to Westerland or go hiking in the nearby Watts during child care hours. Alternatively, the Barbian Family House offers massages and facials with natural cosmetics on for the adults. The fact that the mini-luxury resort on the island of Sylt also for the adults is attractive, proven by the fact that already adults wanted to rent a room without children. Such reservations are not accepted by hotels. The hotel motto is not in vain: “full level living with baby and child.”

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