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showsChoose your shoes and running clothes will help you avoid injuries, be more comfortable and more efficient.

You will find that there are many shoes on the market today that speak of quality and robustness. They have styles and looks that people look for in a shoe. However, if you’re looking for a shoe that has both quality and style, then you should definitely look into purchasing shoes from Merrell Shoes women. Here in UK Merrell Shoes well renowned for its design and quality.

Jogging requires little equipment, but better be well equipped. The most important thing is, the shoes, of course. Basically, running shoes are designed to absorb shocks and provide proper foot holds. But any running shoe is not good for all feet.

According to François Lecot, kinesiology professor at the University of Montreal, one must evaluate the types of rider’s feet in two ways: when it does not move, and during the movement. “We must pay attention to the morphology of the foot , width and type of arch of the foot, “he said. Furthermore, we define the type of rider as his stride. The type of shoe, the sole and the kind of support will be different if the foot turns inward or outward, “he says.

Should using a specialist?
It is almost impossible to assess yourself, especially when you’re moving. He therefore advises Lecot to call an expert in a specialty store. “Especially if it’s your first pair of running shoes,” he said. In specialty stores, you look at running a few yards, some even have test tracks. Moreover, we find a great selection of shoes dedicated to the race, unlike the big box stores. “

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