How to choose your outdoor shoes

showsChoose your shoes and running clothes will help you avoid injuries, be more comfortable and more efficient.

You will find that there are many shoes on the market today that speak of quality and robustness. They have styles and looks that people look for in a shoe. However, if you’re looking for a shoe that has both quality and style, then you should definitely look into purchasing shoes from Merrell Shoes women. Here in UK Merrell Shoes well renowned for its design and quality.

Jogging requires little equipment, but better be well equipped. The most important thing is, the shoes, of course. Basically, running shoes are designed to absorb shocks and provide proper foot holds. But any running shoe is not good for all feet.

Pregnancy and Travel

  • Is this really the time to travel? All pregnant women should ask themselves the question of the need to travel and assess the risks to her health and her baby. Complications abroad can be life-threatening and this risk varies according to destination and type of trip. If the pregnancy is progressing in a satisfactory condition and the doctor sees no cons-indication to travel, the best time to travel is the second trimester. Before leaving, plan a complete obstetrical examination recorded in the book of pregnancy with marked different analyzes and contact your doctor.
  • Food and Hygiene: Some diseases transmitted by food or water are particularly severe during pregnancy (toxoplasmosis, hepatitis A and E, listeriosis among others). Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Drink boiled drinks or encapsulated. Avoid raw vegetables, seafood, unpasteurized cheeses and undercooked meat.
urinary infections

Women traveling preparation urinary infections

urinary infections

If you are traveling in an area with little medical infrastructure, it might be useful to take treatments provided prescribed by your doctor for two common diseases in women. This is the simple urinary tract infection and yeast infection. Many factors contribute to urinary tract infections: dehydration, an increase in sex, decreased hygiene (lack of toilet paper for example) and some conditions causing a decline in immunity.

early preparation

Contraception and travel

early preparation

  • We recommend you discuss the various contraceptive methods and their indications with your doctor. It is desirable to try a new method at least three months prior to travel.
  • Birth control pills: Have a supply of extra pills in another bag in case your suitcase is lost. Take the package insert with the pharmacological name as the brand name may change in other countries. By plane, take your pills with you, because your bag will be inaccessible before arrival. The safety of the pill may decrease in cases of diarrhea, vomiting or taking certain antibiotics. It would then use an additional method of contraception such as condoms. The pill should be taken every 24 hours by adjusting the time with the jetlag. If the moment of decision falls in the middle of the night, take one tablet before bed (always rather before and after the calculated time). If you miss a dose, since the delay is less than 12 hours (and that your pill is not especially low dose), the contraceptive effect is maintained. Take the missed tablet and continue following your shots as usual. If the delay exceeds 12 hours, do not take the missed tablet but keep your pad in addition to using condoms for safety.