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Salzburg is one of the biggest highlights of Austria. The city on the Salzach River is an ensemble of magnificent churches and palaces, surrounded by the mountains of the Alps. Not for nothing Salzburg is on the itinerary of countless tourists from all over the world who spend here one or more days. Besides many – sometimes unique – sights of Salzburg also offers the exciting and unique shopping guest.

Shopping in Salzburg: stroll, and enjoy

Shopping is connected in Salzburg with a comfortable stroll. The city center is very compact and largely car-free. So it is pleasant to stroll through the narrow streets and the majestic places.

The center of the shopping experience is the grain alley that runs parallel to the River Salzach. A transaction represents to the other. Here you will find international fashion brands such as Cecil, Gucci and Karl Lagerfeld.

Who wants small, newer boutiques can also see how long-established business. Some stores offer the famous Mozart balls, a particular specialty. Speaking of Mozart’s Birthplace is also in the grain alley.

A real eye-catcher Getreidegasse are the wrought iron, partially gilded business and signs. Its origin lies in the illiteracy of the Middle Ages.


Just outside the town center attracts a new shopping center to the visitors, the “Euro Park”. Was built the remarkable investment by the famous Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The Euro Park has been awarded several international architecture awards. A stroll through the more than 130 world-class shops, restaurants and cafes is always worthwhile.

Attractions in the city center of Salzburg

The city center is best explored on foot. Many attractions are pushing here in confined spaces. Center of the town is the impressive cathedral. The origins date back to the 8th century. The present building was built in the early 17th century.

The rather plain acting pages consist of a solidified Gravel the Salzach River, Salzburg conglomerate rock. The facade of Unterberger marble is all the more representative. Impressive are the larger than life statues at the entrance. They show the Saint Rupert, Peter, Paul and Virgil.

Salzburg Nearby is also the festival district, the Mozart Festival will be held in which each year. Next to it is the birthplace of the city of St. Peter. Already around 696 founded by the itinerant bishop Rupert here a Benedictine monastery – now the oldest in the German language area. Around the beautiful church of St.


Peter, the city of Salzburg began at that time to go up gradually. Above the town towers Salzburg’s landmark, the Fortress Hohensalzburg. The system not only has enormous proportions – it is the best preserved castle in Europe. Since the 11th century it was expanded steadily over a period of 600 years. A guide very worthwhile. The castle can be reached from the center on foot; who likes it more convenient, can go up in a minute with the funicular.

Attractions outside the center

Also on the outskirts of the city has to offer unique. A car hire in Salzburg facilitate the achievement of these goals. Particularly worth seeing is the Hellbrunn castle from the 17th century. It is famous for its water features that are unique with its fountains, spray plants, caves and streams around the world. A very different experience awaits in Stiegl’s World of Brewing on the visitors.

The Stieglbrauerei was founded in 1492, is Austria’s oldest private brewery. There are regular demonstrations held about beer brewing. Up and away to get to the lower mountain cable car. From the 1,850-meter summit you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Salzburg basin.

For families Salzburg has plenty of fun to offer. The Tiergarten Hellbrunn is a real magnet for visitors. Among other things, give exotic animals such as kangaroos, lions or zebras a tryst. The Salzburg Open-Air Museum (outside the city towards Großgmain) offers 67 historic original buildings. On weekends, there’s the bargain numerous craft demonstrations, for example, Baker, Beekeeper, soap maker, distiller or forged.

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