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density-treesThe density of vegetation (shrubs, bushes, stunted trees, etc.). Low and medium mountain can go from completely prevent the passage, to do difficult, tedious and time consuming to navigate. In general, we must consider the following areas of dense vegetation:

  • Avoiding or surround if you can travel the other way without vegetation or less closed vegetation, even if the alternative is longer (because usually, in time, shorter).
  • If you cross them, we must wear appropriate clothing (resistant) or consider likely to “destroy” that we wear, depending on the length of the voyage and the type of vegetation. In this sense, clothes RisTop system (system antiroturas or ripstop) system initially used in military clothing, but now extended to all types of tissues that need due to their demand, greater resistance: clothing for outdoor activities , backpacks, tents or tents, balloons, parachutes and gliders, etc.
  • Will have to move looking for areas of less closed, “joining” (if possible) to identify clear to the distance from higher terrain areas. These rocks can be clear or prominent changes in vegetation (meadows, wetlands or grasslands, for example). The straight line is often impossible or ineffective. In some cases even be possible to move (literally) over the trees, such as when creeping across beech forests in the Araucania and Patagonia.
  • Avoid bushes or set of thorny bushes for obvious reasons. These are directly impassable dangerous.
  • Can be useful to follow streams to cross these places, because the water will already have opened the way for us.
  • If no man-marked trails to follow, may be proved by marked paths for animals, given that these paths are often erratic and can stop or from areas with water, burrows or food. Well adapted to beings in general of little stature, and therefore impassable at times for tall people or large backpacks
  • It is usually best to go at the middle of the slope, if possible, as the vegetation is often concentrated in low areas where water or moisture is more abundant.

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