Areas of large rocks (blocks or scree) – The Outdoor Women

Areas-of-large-rocksWhen there are large rocks, the product of hard minerals (granite, gneiss, etc.). The road is usually passable. But as always, we must take into account some issues to avoid mistakes that could lead to serious accidents if they fall:

  • You can go from rock to rock, provided management have some balance, and choose the larger rocks, as close as possible to each other and apparently more stable. If done well, is as close to normal walking in terms of continuity, and even go faster downhill when the inertia help.
  • To achieve this, we must try to form a mental tour of the next steps, overlooking the most logical path before taking it out (work of the Guide should go in groups, and logical way that the rest should be limited to follow).
  • In case you have to jump to join two rocks, one must pay attention to the buffer, and do not try to lead a very full backpack (risk of ankle sprains, knee, etc.).. If the stone varies under our feet, we must leave quickly jumping to another.
  • If necessary, we may use your hands to help. A cane or an ice ax can be useful to have more balance, especially if carried considerable weight to the back.
  • We must never stand with another person in the same rock.

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