Areas of rock girls – The Outdoor Women

rock-girlsA flat terrain full of rocks girls (smaller than a handball or handball ball) due to soft mineral (conglomerate, limestone, etc.). Usually easy to navigate, but hunting for the joints. However, if these are lining a slope, the issue was more complicated. Therefore:

  • Post is not impossible, but degrades much this type of soil, in addition to fatigue (each step is small collapses beneath our feet that make us somewhat to above).
  • Lower when the stones are small, although it is easy (can be sliding, digging their heels, especially on boulders boys) also impacts seriously on this ground, eroding it too much.
  • Therefore, avoid the run downhill if possible.
  • If used also have to make sure that other people or groups do not pass through the place where they will drop the product of our miniderrumbes stones. Even if no one is down, but if there is a path, street, path, etc..’d Better find an alternative route that does not get dirty.
  • Avoid large stones bet on the girls: they can slip under our weight.
  • Also avoid increase or decrease in a straight line, not to precipitate rocks, if we as a group.
  • When braking on the descents (kicking or skidding, digging the heels of the boots), do it by stepping or jumping to the side so that the small avalanche of rocks that we still do not fully reach us.

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