Areas of small stones (carries or quarries) – The Outdoor Women

Marching outside the zone of small stones, carries or quarriesThese rocky areas differ from areas of large boulders or blocks of greater instability of the ground due to move “sets” of the stones that lining, which act much like sand or powder. In this sense, these places can be crossed without problems depending on the degree of slope, and taking into account safety considerations, technical gear and ecology.

In general, a carry on slopes should be avoided for environmental issues, are areas in itself highly degradable and difficult to recover precisely because of its instability, and if we add the impact of traffic in persons, environmental degradation will be even more pronounced .

If no choice but to carry through an area of steep, it should be (as happens with other rocky areas) very careful to warn of falling rocks generated by our progress, telling our partners.

In the ups and downs, it will be almost forced displacement or running zigzag or diagonal, otherwise not only tire us more (each way, back down a few) but the falling stone will be much higher and cumulative (the latter would receive all the previous rise, and the first of those preceding it in fall) and ecological degradation of the land would also be more substantial. Regroup in such cases should be changing direction to avoid the rocks falling on group members who are further down the zigzag line.

In places where the zigzag progression is not possible because the terrain features (chimneys, canals, etc..)’d Better leave the group together, to avoid as much as possible that the stones fall off take rate and can not be bypassed.

In very unstable, do not rule out the passing of one, and even make a rope or some other method of climbing (using nuts, etc.)..

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