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map-compasThe mobile or cellular phone is becoming essential as a safety measure for groups who are active outdoors relatively far away from civilization. This is particularly true since fewer people have expertise in the group, with a mobile tool to use in case of emergency, and that one should never abuse without the consent of the Guide or the person responsible for the group.

Going alone, which should be exceptional (especially the more inhospitable, unknown or dangerous the area) we apply the same common sense and do not mobilize the entire rescue operation simply because we took the wrong fork of a road that also lead us to a village or town nearby (though not that we wanted to go.

To accidents and losses of the way, is justified to ask for help if we can not evacuate by ourselves, or with the help of others, with sufficient collateral to get before it ceases to have natural light, and there is a risk that we lose our way , suffered a severe weather without adequate clothing to deal with it, or any other situation that we can not solve with the means and resources (material and human) available at that time.

The means to orient (map, compass and / or GPS), will have to take forever, if we know the way forward. They may be necessary to vary the way, just to get to the nearest accident, return to the path on the other we do not know if it is lost, or notify our coordinates to rescue us (GPS), for example. Of all the more imperative is the map, and also more secure (can not run out of batteries, such as GPS and digital compass, for example), and should be carried in a plastic sleeve to prevent wet eventually .

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