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climate-weatherClimate refers to the expected weather conditions for a particular place at a certain time of year. Meteogológicas forecasts, however, speak of “acts likely” to occur in the coming hours or days, regardless of what should happen according to the weather of the season in that region.

So, when we engage in outdoor activities, is important to know what normally happens at the weather in a given region in a given season, as what specific weather forecast for the days when we do our business.

First, knowledge of weather, we will set the tone of what clothing and equipment carried in accordance with the activity we conduct, is not the same (for example) to make climbing in the Araucania and Patagonia in winter than in summer make. Secondly, the knowledge of local meteorology and weather forecasting will help us to modify the standard equipment and take, depending on what we can expect more specific dates for the duration of the activity.

Unfortunately, expeditions, tours, excursions or activities of medium or long term weather forecasts may not cover the whole period we need, and in any case (Extended forecast up to a week) can vary, being greater the possibility that the make the greater the period of trying to predict weather in advance. In these cases, unless we have a way to access current weather data (via mobile or satellite internet, for example) will have to rely on the comments we make on the ground of different climate variables that indicate the “eyeball” such as wind, pressure (if we can measure) the type and amount of clouds, etc.. Depending on what you see, we will decide whether to continue the outdoor activity in question or not.

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