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first aid kitClearly, however short it is a crossing route or outdoors, and it is the activity that is (cycling, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, horseback riding, etc..) A first aid kit can always be useful . Travelling in a group, must always be at least one, and ideally, each person also has some individual stocks to treat minor emergencies, or personal health problems.

We made ​​a list with an example of first aid kit for cycling, but also applies to any outdoor activity that is :

A first aid kit for cycling should be essentially laptop for obvious reasons: as in mountaineering, bike carry additional weight is not easy. You must include on all medical supplies for wound healing by rubbing, typical after falls. An example of a kit for the cyclist would be one containing, for example:

  • Adhesive dressings (bandages or strips) of different shapes and sizes.
  • Iodine-based antiseptic.
  • Small scissors (to cut burned clothing in case of fall, or adhesive bandages to fit the wound).
  • Gauze.
  • Sterile adhesive tape (tape).
  • Bandages (optional).

In addition, we must always take some spare water in our bottle, to wash wounds with pressurized water spraying.

It’s just a suggestion, as always a first aid kit should be tailored to the specific needs of the activity in question is scanned, the number of participants, their level of knowledge media and first aid, how to be conveyed the kit, etc.

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