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outdoorAs happens with the snow, the water falling from the sky can be a blessing or a curse for someone who is conducting an outdoor activity. In some specific cases, however, there is no doubt that getting wet in nature is a risk that must be avoided.

You can not compare an outing or excursion of a few hours away from the city or the place where we leave our vehicle, ie, dry clothing, shelter and health care, that an excursion or expedition for several days or even weeks, where the warm, dry clothing and medical care are somewhat distant and inaccessible for a long period of time.

Given this, we can say that even in summer, getting wet is not the best choice in outdoor activities on land. What in the city can not spend a little cold, can have serious consequences if we are outdoors sleeping in the open, having a cooling when the sun does not heat or from exposure to inclement weather without clothing or spare time so that we have to dry. Even in places where rain is considered a gift from heaven, as in deserts, wet from a sudden and violent rain just before nightfall can be a real danger (remember that in the desert nighttime temperatures down violently .) The risk becomes so from diseases caused by cooling (colds, constipation, pneumonia, etc.). Hypothermia or frostbite through the distal parts of the body and isolated.

So for all those lovers of good manners that you must have a potential survivor, suggest that even short trips of a few hours or one day, support vehicle or a heated shelter which come, do not make a habit of taking lightly the wet outdoors. Rather, in cases such as these should be used to try and find the best way you can avoid getting wet with the use of breathable rainwear, ponchos, etc., Depending on whether or not to use a backpack, if you walk or not muddy or snowy terrain, etc.

Thus, when we are in a situation where getting wet is not a priority, we will have some experience of how to avoid, and thus maximize our chances of enjoying an outdoor experience.

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