Do not drink alcohol, drink or take other drugs stimulating – The Outdoor Women

drinkAs much as “control” when or how it affects us, the truth is that alcohol slows reflexes, and therefore causes more risk of injury from lack of coordination while favoring hypothermia. Furthermore, it could prevent the intake of certain medications, if necessary, being contraindicated with alcohol consumption.

In addition, several medical studies agree that energy drinks [1] or type stimulants “Red Bull” can have detrimental effects on physical performance and reflections, so also discourage before and during any voyage in the middle Earth (and anything else that involves skills depend on our physical and / or mental).

It goes without saying that the consumption of other types of drugs can be harmful and alien to the spirit of an exit to nature.

Note:We do not mean, of course, isotonic energy drinks, but drinks containing stimulants or food nutrients not excite the nervous system to some extent. Nor do we refer to traditional stimulants drinks with a proven safe and beneficial effect, such as tea, coffee or mate (taken in for good measure).

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