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Few people can imagine a more exciting and enjoyable holiday than cruising at your leisure among enchanting tropical islands with beautiful sun-swept beaches and surrounded by crystal-clear azure waters. If you’ve always dreamed of a holiday like this, make plans to spend your next holiday aboard your own spacious yacht rental in Phuket.

Phuket yacht rentals can cater to just a couple of people, a whole family, or a sizable group of friends. The yachts offered are in a variety of sizes and can include jet skis, snorkelling and fishing gear, outboard skiffs and even inflatable water ramps and slides.

And you don’t have to worry about being certified to operate these expansive yachts. Your yacht rental in Phuket includes a crew that will take care of getting you from island to island in comfort and style.

Explore the Islands of Phang Nga Bay

The island of Phuket forms the western side of the vast bay called Phang Nga Bay. There are beautiful, primaeval islands in the bay composed of limestone cliffs, lush tropical jungles and stunning white-sand beaches. These islands are also world-famous as the well-known backdrops of famous Hollywood movies.

Explore the islands featured in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Leonardo Di Caprio’s ‘The Beach’, and the James Bond film, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. The island featured in this last film is locally known to this day as ‘James Bond Island.’

At night, you have the option of heading into the towns in Phuket to sample some of the island’s nightlife, or simply head for a quiet tropical cove and enjoy an elegant meal under the stars cooked aboard your Phuket yacht rental.

Perfect for Children

For a family holiday of adventurous water-lovers, few things beat a holiday aboard your own luxurious yacht rental in Phuket. Your kids won’t want the holiday to end, and you’ll feel safer knowing they’re always close and you can keep an eye on them.

This is a holiday where the family bond will be strengthened by spending days exploring the waters of Thailand and nights sharing the stories of your adventures. With the spacious interiors and air-conditioning of some of the yachts, spending the night aboard will be a special treat as the gentle motion of the water rocks you to sleep.

Economical Holiday

For a family of four, spending a holiday aboard a yacht rental in Phuket can be relatively inexpensive as well when you consider hotel rooms, restaurants and ground transportation costs.

You’ll also experience a profound sense of freedom. Freedom to bask the day away in the sun, go snorkelling on some of the world’s most beautiful reefs, hike in lush, tropical rainforests, or build sandcastles on a deserted beach.

Contact Boat Lagoon Yachting to see what a holiday aboard a Phuket yacht rental can offer you as well as your family and friends. You just might enjoy it so much that it becomes an annual tradition.

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