How to prepare your hand luggage for air travel – The Outdoor Women


1. Choose either the suitcase.
Keep in mind the rules of the company you travel, especially in terms of dimensions and weight.

The passenger must check your baggage at the counter assigned to the airline. In turn there will be given a boarding pass and baggage check. For safety, it is recommended to passenger not get any dispatch or transport baggage from strangers. If you do only hand luggage, several companies let you do your online check in, print your ticket and boarding pass and go directly to the boarding area. If you need luggage cheap baggage shipping is here for you.

2. Organize your clothes.
Try not to put too many clothes that you will not use and find out the time it will do in the destination.
If you need to take some very big shoes, try wearing it during the trip to not take up much space in your suitcase.

3. The grooming.
Remember that liquids must be in containers of 100 milliliters or less. Approved cans free samples or gifts courtesy of the hotels. Do not forget to be plastic, so avoid glass jars.
Do not carry aerosol or pressurized canisters, such as deodorants, shaving foams lacquers. Take makeup powder or bar, rather than a liquid.

4. Transparent bags.
All containers should be stored in a clear bag of not more than one liter capacity, ie, about 20cm x 20cm. This bag must have a closing system such as zipper, or a seal. If you include any medication, accompany the prescription.

5. Spaces.
You can not carry in your hand luggage sharp or pointed objects, such as razors, scissors, Knives, clippers and some types of files. Nor let you enter lighters or any other fuel.

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