Outdoor Activities: Bring appropriate clothing and footwear – The Outdoor Women

outdoor-clothingWear clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain that we will pass, and the expected weather for the day. It is convenient to turn to dress in layers. This implies, therefore, be informed in advance as to the earth and the weather forecast, or else on the recommendations of the managers of the excursion.

In longer runs it is also advisable to get spare shoes, but short trips (one day) can be dispensed with. If it’s a way to practice climbing, cycling or riding, usually will be a game of “cat feet”, “cycling shoes” or “riding boots” as appropriate, so it will be advisable to bring parallel normal footwear before and after activity.

Spare clothing:
Carry spare clothing. Whenever the weather may not behave as expected, and we must be prepared. All the clothes that we carry in the backpack has to go inside a plastic bag to avoid getting wet even if the bag gets wet.

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