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wild rainbows amidst spectacular scenery

Blackwater companyLocated in the central interior of British Columbia, the Blackwater River drains a vast hinterland from the Coast Range Mountains eastward through the Fraser Plateau to the Fraser River. Expansive grasslands and muskeg swamps with countless trout-filled lakes in the headwaters provide a slow release effect which maintains optimum river fishing conditions.

The Blackwater ranges in width from 75 to 150 feet with a number of rocky canyons that narrow to less than ten feet as it cuts deeper through the plateau to the Fraser River. You often see bald eagles, osprey and kingfishers feeding along the bank, black bear, moose or mule deer on a sunny gravel bar.

THE FISHING: The Blackwater River’s wild native rainbow trout have been thriving for millennia in the warm and moderate conditions which also produce prolific insect populations and consequent hatches. Stoneflies emerge in late May followed by various caddis and mayfly blizzards throughout the summer. The “prime, bright, stout” rainbows of the Blackwater average a 1′ pounds and can reach four pounds.

Blackwater company fishingThey provide plenty of sport on light tackle. Regardless of your level of expertise, the Blackwater provides every challenge to test your skills. As the river winds through gentle valleys and drops briskly through jagged canyons, you will be presented with a full range of angling opportunities. Wade deep in those big, classic pools and cast far and fine to the trout showing in that feeding channel near the opposite shore, or work short quick casts through fast pocket water. The fishing is great throughout the season and each part of the summer has its own special appeal. THE TRIP: The Blackwater Company has been the only outfit guiding anglers on the lower Blackwater for over twenty years.

Intimate knowledge of the river and devotion to providing first class service assures that you will have the most enjoyable, comfortable wilderness fishing experience possible. One guide and boat are provided for every two fishermen and a separate camp boat travels ahead to have lunches and camps prepared when guests arrive. The daily floating distances are short and most of the time is spent wading the river. Guides are eager to help with their flyfishing expertise and general knowledge of the history, flora and fauna of the area. The complete camp will provide for your every need, with comfortable chairs, large tarps, spacious tents and thick mattresses that guarantee you will return to the river well rested and refreshed.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: In addition to the float trips on the Blackwater River, there are several other programs of interest. There are endless miles of smaller tributaries of the Blackwater that afford unlimited wilderness wading with loads of wildlife and great fishing. And many smaller lakes that also provide exciting adventures in seldom fished waters. You may want to add a few days of this to your trip. For those big fish enthusiasts, the Chilko River can deliver large, strong, big-lake rainbows to ten pounds in a spectacular setting.

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