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bonefish at its best from top lodges at reasonable rates

The Fishing:
Over sixty miles of flats surround Exuma, Bahamas providing some of the world’s very best bonefish habitat. The fine white sand and “gin clear” waters are tailor-made for wading or fishing from a skiff. Vast schools of three- to six-pound bonefish provide unparalleled excitement and opportunity for even the novice fly fisherman. For the more experienced anglers who prefer the tougher challenges, there are smaller pods of larger bonefish. Each year, bones of over 10 pounds are hooked; usually you will find these double-digit fish as loners, sometimes in doubles. Occasionally, you will see the wary permit cruising and feeding the edges of these flats, and, of course, there are the ever-present barracuda to offer a diversion.

The Guides:
They belong to the Exuma Guides’ Association and are hard working, friendly, knowledgeable and can be of great help to the novice or the experienced fly fisherman. They are all fly fishermen who have participated in a certification program that includes: fly casting instruction, fly-tying, knot-tying, First Aid and CPR. You will also find them to be sensible environmentalists who place great importance on the maintenance of their resource.

Guests have a choice of three resorts:
is located ten miles south of George Town on a peninsula overlooking gin clear waters and easy access to both beautiful beaches and spectacular bonefishing. The lodge (new in 1995) consists of eight rooms and a private lounge for the fishermen with fly-tying, satellite TV, card table and video library.

is located one mile west on the white sand beach of Bonefish Bay. The Beach Inn consists of 16 rooms, a small beach and a fresh water pool.

is right in George Town, overlooking Elizabeth Harbour The Club consists of 35 rooms, easy access to shopping and sight-seeing and a fresh water pool. There is a shuttle service between all the hotels.

Each resort offers well appointed air-conditioned rooms, fine dining, lounge and warm, friendly staff.
(Bonefishing packages are generally at the Bonefish Lodge or Beach Inn)

For the “non-fisherman”:
For family members or friends who don’t fish, Exuma is not only charming, but it’s a great vacation land. Peace & Plenty operates a free ferry boat service twice daily to Stocking Island from the Club where one can explore miles of secluded beach, snorkel, sailboat, swim, or just relax with a tropical drink and a conchburger (Exuma’s answer to the “Big Mac”). For those interested in underwater activities, Exuma Fantasea, under the direction of divemaster and marine biologist, Ed Haxby, offers “Eco-dives” as well as snorkeling trips and a boat rental service that will permit you to explore a myriad of secluded adjacent cays. Rental cars, as well as guided land tours are available for those wishing to explore the historical sights of Exuma.

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