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Singapore is a famous tourist spot due to its multicultural cuisines worldwide. It includes many deluxe hotels and luxurious restaurants for the visitors. This article will tell you about top Singapore food patterns.


Malaysian Food

When it comes to Malaysian foods, they simply give the tourists an excellent taste whenever they visit in Malaysia. These are also known as Malay foods. At the present time, a lot of Malaysians are living Singapore who are a big fan of hot and spicy Malaysian gravies as these delicious food recipes are laced with belachan. Spicy Malay gravies are made with baby shrimps. The Malay desserts are generally made from coconut milk, palm sugar and grated coconut. In addition, the tourists can also enjoy some of the other amazing Malaysia foods in Singapore like rice, spicy noodles. Also you should try out in Singapore some of the other top Malaysian foods, such as Laksa and Satay. Thus, it gives a new look to Singapore food.

Chinese Food

There are also many Chinese people who have been living in Singapore for the last seven centuries. A lot of Chinese like Singapore food recipes. Chinese foods can be extremely delicious and neutral like Cantonese and Szechuan. Rice is a much loved food recipe for any Chinese. In addition, there are so many other incredibly spicy and delicious recipes available to the Chinese in Singapore, such as shark fin soup, spring rolls and Fried Hokkien Mee. When it comes to Teochew Food, it includes steamed fish and braised duck.

Indian Food

You can enjoy a lot of famous Indian food recipes in Singapore. South Indian foods have made their worth renowned due to their incredible taste and multicultural cuisines all over the world. If you want to enjoy the best Singapore food recipe, go and try out in South Indian or Tamilian foods, including Vadas, Idlis and Dosas. Often these dishes are served with spicy gravy and chutneys. It also includes the famous North Indian Tandoori Chicken which is often cooked in a clay oven with spicy ingredients.

Nyonya Food

Nyonya people always love to eat hot and spicy foods, which are often loaded with ginger and turmeric. There are many top rated Nyonya food recipes for both Malay and Chinese people, including Enche Kabin and Chicken Kapitan. Singapore also offers many other types of spicy cuisines like Western dishes, America food recipes, British recipes and Italian dishes. So if you are a big fan of Singapore cuisines, feel free to visit various sites online to help yourself find the best Singapore food recipes.

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