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Music Capital Of Canada

Toronto has many different cultural offerings for both its citizens and its visitors, but one of its most amazing facets is its bustling live music scene. Any night of the week, both established and up-and-coming artists can be seen in venues of all sizes across the city. Whether you love hip-hop, R&B, pop music or indie rock, it is easy to get star-struck in this trendy Canadian hotspot for great music. The city is a guaranteed stop for most touring artists and bands, but also boasts its own burgeoning music scene that is consistently producing some of the most interesting new talent out there.

The famed Drake Hotel (, located in downtown Toronto, doesn’t just feature amazing rooms, a gorgeous restaurant and a fantastic bar – it’s also one of the city’s most notable venues for live entertainment. Over the years, this neighbourhood fixture has become an institution for touring musicians who come from home and abroad to play at this popular boutique hotel and venue.
Because live music in Toronto is synonymous with enjoying the best music and nightlife that the city has to offer, there are a diverse range of venues across the city that hold major appeal for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy the best entertainment Canada has to offer. In fact, Toronto’s large number of historic bars, nightclubs and restaurants have helped make it one of the major music capitals of North America. The city has hosted a who’s-who of music royalty for the past 40 years as both large and small concert venues have began popping up all across the GTA. Moreover, Toronto is that kind of special place where a couple can enjoy a cocktail and listen to live music on any night at one of many venues around the city.

According to Toronto’s tourism bureau, there is an almost endless list of live music shows happening in the greater Toronto region, and this diversity is what makes it one of the leading cities for music and culture  worldwide. In fact, many happy concertgoers will attest to the fact that Toronto’s cultural scene seems made for any and all tastes. Because Toronto is both the largest and most populous city in Canada, it seems natural that its stellar music scene would be as cosmopolitan and international as it has turned out to be over the years.

Toronto is credited with being of the world’s most diverse places to live, with more than 50 percent of its population born outside of Canada, so it’s no wonder the city has become an international hub for artists of all origins and genres. A visit to Toronto is all about enjoying good music all year round – come discover what all the excitement’s about!

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