3 Tips for Planning a Successful Outdoor Event – The Outdoor Women

Maybe you want to offer an outdoor panel discussion on a topic that excites you, or perhaps you have a seasonal fair planned. Regardless of the exact type of event, keep these three things in mind.

1. Pick a Place and a Purpose

Decide on a location that makes sense for the type of event you’re holding. An outdoor poetry reading might work better in an elegant garden than a large park where visitors are also playing football. Ensure that attendees can get to the location and enjoy it. If it isn’t wheelchair accessible and if the grass tends to become marshy, you might want to reconsider the venue. Ask any speakers or performers for suggestions.

2. Share and Showcase

Communicate the details of the gathering with people who might want to attend. Use social media platforms and paper flyers. Speak to community members and businesses that might know of spaces to share the information. Make it visual. Look into professional drone services in Texas to showcase the beauty of the outdoor venue. Try a series of short video interviews with major speakers or performers. Invite local artists to help with videos and other promotional material. Invite people with personalized cards.

3. Expect Unexpected Events

Plan what to do if issues come up. Come up with rain dates and alternate spaces and release them to the public along with the date and venue you hope to use. This will allow attendees to prepare and better accept uncontrollable circumstances. Decide what you would do if a speaker or other person integral to the event doesn’t show up. Do you have a list of willing individuals who can step in? More generally, think about what you would do if someone experienced a medical emergency. Ideally, you’ll have emergency procedures to apply if something happens, though you may never need to use any of them.

Bring your enthusiasm and preparedness to your event, and attendees should respond with gratitude.

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