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We all deserve a relaxing holiday every once in a while, whether it is in a beautiful hen party hotel in Liverpool or a villa abroad. However, an accumulation of small problems can result in one big holiday disaster. We go away to forget about the daily stresses of life – not add to them. That’s why we’re offering 5 helpful tips to help you improve your holiday.

Swap the Shuttle Bus

It’s so easy to take the cheap option of booking a seat on a shuttle bus to and from an airport; however, if you really want to a relaxing holiday, we strongly recommend swapping the shuttle bus for a private transfer that will allow you to relax in comfort after a flight. You also won’t be subject to multiple stops so travellers can make their way to their hotels.

Upgrade Your Room

It might cost a little more to pay for a more luxurious room, but the extra space and comfort is bound to make your break a lot more enjoyable. With additional amenities and rooms, you’ll feel like you’re living in a home away from home, allowing you to maximise your holiday. If you don’t want to pay for the extra space, read these top tips for getting a free hotel room upgrade.

Tip Well

One way to ensure staff are waiting on you hand and foot is to tip them well. The more generous you are with the cash, the less you’ll have to wait for food and drinks, or even clean towels and fresh bedding. Good service is free, but great service often comes at a price – so paying that little extra might be just the thing you need to do to take a holiday to the next level.

Invest in Air Conditioning

If you have booked a tropical holiday, you will want your room to be a cool haven from the blistering heat. Sadly, some hotels do charge for air conditioning, but the additional fee might be worth it, because sleepless nights and unbearable heat will only make for an uncomfortable trip.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

The worst thing you can do during a holiday is to suffer in silence. If the hotel isn’t what you expected or the service is poor, you should most definitely speak up. After all, you didn’t pay out a significant amount of money for a substandard hotel room or to receive below par service from rude staff. The best thing you can do is air your grievances to ensure the problem is either rectified or compensated.

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