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step-climbingThe difference between climbing and climbing climbing is that it marks the level of difficulty. Climbing is supposed to be normal in some hiking paths in the non-use assurances required for use in climbing routes. So, to climb hand, we also use in addition to the feet, but we will not go uninsured.

Therefore it is important to recognize the limits beyond which the risk exceeds climb that we tackle, and passes and the border of the climb. To determine this we must consider, among other things, the inclination of the slope, rock type (hard or soft), the length of the climb (size or number of “long” [1]), our physical level and technical implementation of climbing shoes to relocate (or cats climbing shoes, mountain, normal, etc.). along with the consequences of a fall (can we stop it or not? be fatal?).

  • Post is not impossible, but degrades much this type of soil, in addition to fatigue (each step is small collapses beneath our feet that make us somewhat to above).

    The specific technique for climbing steep terrain or escaped requiring the use of props with their hands, basically summarized in the following points:

  • As always, keep the center of gravity so that its axis falls on the center of the points of support (feet). The feet are spaced about the shoulder height while moving, with a width not less than the hips while we are static.
  • Support your weight with your legs, never with arms. The arms-hands are used to improve balance, and to make specific progress in any case we can not perform based on the use of leg strength.

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